Adega do Albertino Restaurant was founded by Mr. Albertino Catarino and his wife Ms. Fátima. It opened its doors on February 1, 1989, curiously at the time without yet a completely defined objective: Cafe or restaurant?

On the same day, things became much clearer. It was undoubtedly a restaurant, derived from the appearance of many friends and acquaintances who were fans of the dishes made by Ms. Fatima, already well known of other wanderings, namely by exploring the Fire station bar in Caldas da Rainha for 10 years, where the quality of the gastronomic delicacies prepared by this great cook stood out.

In addition, the presence of this couple in gastronomy festivals and thematic fairs (Fruit Fair and Pottery Fair in D. Carlos I Park, Caldas da Rainha) was already noticed a few years ago, as well as the numerous mentions and prizes in gastronomic contests that they had collected over the years.

Nowadays, almost 30 years later, Adega do Albertino restaurant is one of the best destinations in terms of the traditional Portuguese cuisine of the Portuguese West zone and is a referenced restaurant both nationally and internationally.

Whoever visits this space usually returns, since it is presented with a friendly atmosphere, a traditional decoration and a panoply of unforgettable flavors, where the quality prevails and feels itself in all the ingredients, whether in the entrances, fish or meat dishes as well as The aftermeals. Adega do Albertino restaurant will surely surprise you. Visit us and have a good time!