Pork Ribs With Wine, Honey and Almonds

Pork Tenderloin Grilled on Rooftile

Rojões Pork With Chestnuts

Grilled Pork Steaks With Bacon

Grilled Mixed Meat

Beef Roasted in Red Wine

Little Beefsteaks With Mushrooms

Grilled Beefsteak

Thick Beefsteak with Shrimps

Thick Beefsteak «Miranda» Style

Lamb chops

Goat Steamed in Red Wine

Our “Earth and Sea”

Baked Goatling with Chestnuts

“Pica no Chão”

Hidden Duck Rice

Boned Rabbit “Á Adega”

A selection of the best wines from the most varied regions of Portugal is also available for you, contact us for more informations!